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The largest range of bespoke handcrafted resin products.

All of my products are hand poured in my own custom resin and hand polished to a mirror shine.

Custom orders are welcomed just email or message me .


Due to issues with the postal service in the UK i will not be able to send outside the UK at the current time, apologies to customers that are affected, I am hoping they get their issues resolved quickly 


1506 (3).JPG

810 driptips

810 custom oring drip tips

810 O'ring driptips

510 driptips

Copy of 711 (4).JPG

Mech Sleeves

Custom handmade Deathwish mech mod doors

Mod Part's

Custom handmade acryic resin vape atty rebuild stand

Atty Stands

Mod Buttons


1350 (2).JPG

PS4/Xbox Driptips

1210 (5).JPG
1163 (2).JPG

Skull Driptips

Lego Driptips


Watch Gear Driptips

1015 (1).JPG

Stabwood driptips


Coil Driptips

1210 (5).JPG

Custom designs

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Custom vape driptips

None of these products contain nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive substance.


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