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About MooMoo

My name is Jason and I have been making Custom Drip tips, Mods, Sleeves and other vaping parts for about 6 years now and I've been vaping for about 6 years.


I mix my own acrylic and all of my work is handmade, so every tip is not only different by the acrylic pattern but each one is hand carved and will be slightly different.


I have lots of colours available most have a pearlescent effect which make them shimmer and sparkle when light hits them making a truly stunning drip-tip

I can mix any combination of colours together to make beautiful combinations 


This is just myself in my shed making things I love to make, not a mass produced item.


I have been selling my drip tips on Facebook for the past 6 years and was only doing custom orders but now my tips are available through this shop.


If you cant see a drip tip that you like or in the colours you like message me and i can custom make one for you 

Mr Moomoomods - custom bespoke 810 510 drip tip maker UK
Custom bespoke handmade 810 510 810 oring drip tips UK
Custom vape driptips
Custom bespoke handmade 810 510 810 oring drip tips UK
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