810 Mario Box Green Glow drip tip


A beautiful handmade custom drip-tip made in my own custom mixed resin to which i haved added a custom made 3d Mario quesion mark box within the tip .


This is a glow in the dark Green tip and is bright when charged with UV.


These tips are truley stunning and make the most unique tips going

The drip-tip you are buying is the one in the pictures, there is only one available


If you like the color of this tip but fancy a different shape or you want a color a different color mix message me for a custom order


Sale is for the drip-tip only, the atomizer is not included


If you need help or want a custom order message me

Message me

  • The Specs

    Height -- 10.1mm when inserted
    Width --19.5mm
    Bore --9mm
    Fitment size -- 810