810 Watch gears Driptip


This drip tip i have classed as a seconds, it has slight surface inperfections, a small dimple can be seen in the finish.

I have tried to get a good picture of the imperfection but they are small.


A beautiful handmade custom drip-tip made in my own custom mixed resin to which i haved added real watch gears to create the most stunning driptips availible.


These tips are packed with watch gears and hand mixed by myself to make the most unique tips going

The drip-tip you are buying is the one in the pictures, there is only one available


If you like the color of this tip but fancy a different shape or you want a color a different color mix message me for a custom order


Sale is for the drip-tip only, the atomizer is not included


As these are classed as seconds no refunds will be given for the imperfection.


If you need help or want a custom order message me

Message me

  • The Specs

    Height -- 8.5mm when inserted
    Width --19.5mm
    Bore --9mm
    Fitment size -- 810