This a custom driptip where you can choose the fitment and the height of the blank shown in the picture.


There is a 3 day lead time as these are custom cut to your specs.


The blank in the picture is the blank i will be using.


I will be cutting from the bottom upward so the piece that will be used for the driptip wil be at the top of the blank.


The bores are

810 - 9.5mm

810 (oring) - 9.5mm

510 - 5mm at the insert then 9.5mm upward


Be aware that the diameter of this blank is 18mm so if you choose a thinner diameter the pattern will change.

Please ensure that the sizes you pick are exacly what you want as returns are not accepted for misitakes made by input errors

If you need any help or are unsure - message me for Help

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Custom Red/White drip tip