The Hathor mech mod by MooMooMods

These mech mods have been all hand turned by myslef from cz121 brass.


30mm diameter.

21700 battery size.

Changable black walnut sleeve.

Top/Bottom vent holes.

Buttom design from the Morningstar range.

Serial number engraved

Custom handmade resin carry tube with matching serial numbers.

Serial numners are random issue


All custom ..................All handmade...............All made in the UK


Mech mods are for advanced users only, you must have a good understanding of ohms law and your batterys limits before attempting to use this device.


MooMooMods takes no liability though miss-use or lack of understanding of mechmods.


Each Hathor mech mod is tested by myslef to ensure it works properly.



Hathor 30mm Mech