A beautiful handmade custom Morningstar Hustle Sleeve set in Zebrano hardwood.


This sleeve has been made by resin stabilizing some Zebrano Hardwood, this makes the sleeve tougher and resilient to moisture.


It is a bespoke sleeve with beautiful grain patterns and colors, it has been polished only by friction no wax or products are on this sleeve this allows the sleeve to wear as its being used.


Custom orders welcomed

The Sleeve in the pictures is the actual set you will be buying.


It is advised to use this sleeve with the O'ring on the mod but this sleeve will fit without the o'ring.


Do not over tighten the sleeve it just needs to sit snugly, over tightening of the sleeve will lead to damage to the sleeve.

Sale is for the sleeve only, the Mech Mod is not included


With the nature of this material some tiny bubble marks may be seen in the finish these are unavoidable and every effort is made to minimize this but some may be present on the product.


Custom orders can be made many color mixes can be achieved, message me for custom orders. 

Mornigstar Hustle Sleeve

  • Length- - 54.5mm
    Diameter --26.4mm

    Qty -- x1 
    Fitment size -- Morningstar Hustle